Ash Penfold

Ash Penfold (Garlett) is a local Noongar man in Boorloo (Perth). With cultural ties to Wadjak, Ballardong, Goreng (Katanning/Gnowangerup), Wongi Wangkathaa - Kalgoorlie, France and England.

Ash is passionate about making a difference to the lives of people in particular our young people.

"I am so tired of our community only coming together for funerals or in protests ... I want to be able to bring our community together and celebrate who we are as the oldest culture in the world ..."

Growing up as a young Aboriginal person, I experienced bullying, a sense of alienation, racism, family domestic violence, depression and suicidal ideation. It was inevitable that my life was on a pathway of destruction. A similar pattern to what we see in our communities today, especially for our young people.

What was missing at a young age, was a sense of belonging to a community and a connection to culture.