Boorloo Hustle

Boorloo Hustle cultural workshops are delivered alongside some incredible Aboriginal facilitators and key stakeholders within the community. The main objective is the young people working towards a project such as a music video, live performance or Talent Quest.

Our Boorloo Hustle workshops provide a platform where these kids get to experience a sense of belonging, peace, love connection and a space where they can be fully-expressed. The facilitators manage a space of kids including some young people who are most "at risk" in W.A. We teach basic cultural knowledge such as language, traditional dance and stories.

A demonstration of the effectiveness of our workshop is the large number of kids who attend our workshops with 100% attendance.

At the end of one of our sessions a young person said to me...

"I am sad that our session is over because I have to wait a whole week for the next one"

In that moment, I realised as the founder of Corroboree for Life alongside the partnership team we are touching and inspiring the lives of these young people - Ash Penfold.